About Us


Coeli is an equine instructor who has been Certified through  the American Riding Instructors Association. She is also a Traditional  and Western Dressage Licensed Judge with NAWD as well as a Carded Judge  with the Open Horse Show Association. She has a combined 40+ years of  experience in the horse industry.  

Coeli’s goals are to share her vast knowledge and experience in Hunt  Seat, Jumping, Dressage, and Western Dressage. Her teaching style is  characterized by clear, step by step coaching with the use of positive  reinforcement. Lessons are goal oriented in a quiet and patient manner.  She breaks everything down with the how’s and why’s and clearly explains  what is being taught. Her approach is respectful of each rider and each  horse with gentle training. She’s set an example conducting  clinics, judging schooling shows, and presenting effective training  techniques in a calm and patient way. 

Coeli prides herself on focusing on the safe and correct principles of  horsemanship. Her extensive experience with horses and  instruction helps riders improve their skills and communication with  their horse. Coeli’s approachable and easy to understand style  shows that she truly loves her job. Happy riders and horses are the goal  with lessons that are enjoyable as well as educational.